What is the rhetoric of “Trump is not a racist, look at this picture”

A picture is more then a thousand words, and rhetoric with pictures is an interesting twist. The statement was found on Dilbert’s blog, always good for some rhetorical examples. This is a graphical variation of:

Technique: “Find one instance to the contrary”, number 25.

The argument goes as follows:

A racist is someone who believes a particular race is superior to another.
A racist would never appear to have a friendly relation with any member of that race.
This picture shows that he is friendly with one individual of that race.
Therefore, he is not a racist.

I don’t mean to say mr. Trump is or isn’t a racist. To me claiming that he is, is an example of:

Technique: “Put his thesis in some odious category”, number 32.

This is the favourite technique of the liberal-left elite. It immediately disqualifies anything your opponent says or does. It is only an inch short of plugging your ears with your fingers. Oh, did anyone say them left-wing liberal tree-hugging elites aren’t listening? You didn’t notice? Take those fingers out of your ears!


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